Fabio Govoni - bioPICS

"bioPICS" represents the beginning of the young artist Fabio Govoni held in collaboration with an art gallery.

This exhibition will be on view at Galleria MOdenArte from May 12 through June 16, 2012. Curated by Linda Giusti and comprising a focused selection of 23 artworks, the exhibition highlights this major Italian artist's recent career.

"bioPICS" offers a rare opportunity to trace Govoni's visionary trajectory as well as his reciprocal influence and exchange with other members of the pop art. The artist's groundbreaking achievements in the fields of perception and interactive art established his reputation as both a primary proponent of New Italian Pop Art and one of the most peculiar contemporary Italian artists.

Painting inspired by various characters played by famous actors reinvented a radically new relationship between the artwork and the viewer.

All the artworks in the exhibition convey a sense of dynamism through the repetition of subjects and techniques that activate the picture's surface.

"bioPICS" is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue in Italian, English and Spanish, with essays by Linda Giusti and biography by Gianluca Scagliotti. Giusti's essay offers a comprehensive account of Govoni's techniques, materials, and theoretical approach. Rich contributes a discussion of the spectator's dynamic relationship with Govoni's art, examining how his works alter the viewer's perceptions.

In the wake of many recent group exhibitions that have surveyed New Italian Pop Art, this solo presentation of a key period in Govoni's career clearly illuminates his central role in Italian art and investigates the dynamic exchange of ideas between Govoni and preeminent members of European pop art circles.

"bioPICS" is under the patronage of Provincia di Modena and Comune di Modena and in collaboration of "BIOGRAFILM FESTIVAL" (Bologna) and "SECONDOME' FEST" (Padua).